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Expensive After an affirmative answer proce to a series of clarifying questions and resolve this objection. In turn this may or may not be true. a real objection what is a false objection and what is the difference between them False objection False objection expensive is said when you really have no money or no interest in buying but are afraid of offending the seller. Many times people negotiate not to buy your services right away but just to monitor the market. By the way at the beginning of the negotiation you can directly ask.

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Have you decid to buy  or just comparing Bulk SMS Kuwait prices Remember that handling bogus objections will constantly lead to new bogus objections being fil by clients. A sale can only be made if you know the real objection and address it. By the way some experts against the seller while real objections are always against the product. Therefore in the case of false objections you always ne to identify the client’s nes and base them on that. Examples of false objections – Hello how much does it cost to make a website – One hundr thousand rubles – thank you very expensive. I also notic that costly objections were almost always wrong at the beginning of the negotiation and right at the end. So we have to understand that.

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We’re finally hearing real objections and we’re ASB Directory going to work with them. The real objection is that you are already. In the final stages of negotiations the client. Seems to like everything here you can say the price Example – All this work will cost a hundr thousand rubles – No some things are a bit expensive for me Here you understand that he has decid on the product and is ready to buy but wants to try to ruce the price get a discount or just.

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