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Image Affiliate Program Links are here. Click here to view the Income Calculator. Условия квартального вознаграждения тут The entry threshold for each customer is a total monthly turnover of  Requir to be paid in the first month after the first account top-up. Advertising Spend Rewards for Register Customers only.  rewards is ₽ excluding VAT Customers with the status of  are not count. The link for advertising in the Affiliate Program is here. Link to new partner promotions here. Here is a link to the detail conditions of the affiliate program. Details about top rewards can be found here. Have a partner choose to be a partner institution. Therefore only legal entities or individual.

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Entrepreneurs can participate.their website Panama B2B List so we will only consider the pros and cons of working with them. I’m assuming the partners earn revenue from the difference in the cost of serving the owner versus the institution. Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program Pros Free training for each partner Personal manager Use of service specials Access to beta features Institutional certification Can get expert certification or become a partner Opportunity to work with clients but not all as far as I know Opportunity to attend events may not be for everyone either Cons Must have an individual business or legal entity to link to the affiliate program here. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift.

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Choose Roysta for End-to-End Analysis ASB Directory Roysta has two partner selection referral programs and integrator programs. Integrator Program If you can integrate then you have the opportunity to pass the test and obtain partner status which will be confirm by a certificate. As far as I know the benefit in this case includes the difference in owner and partner costs. The link to the Integrator Program is here. The referral program pays up to all payments made by referring customers. Legal entities can participate. Individuals Sole Entrepreneurs and Individuals.

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