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Similar to the one that has already been load into the system.  instrument after all at first glance everything is as simple as possible you give the machine the task of finding the same people and it performs the task. The trick lies in the fact that the result is very dependent on what kind of audience you are “feing” to the search platform. – looks for a really similar audience and takes into account all the nuances if you upload a list of % women then at the output you will get an audience three-quarters of which will be.

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The fair sex. If in the original list all without Investors Email Lists exception are “iPhone users”  users” in the final result. That is the system understands the request very multiple capture goals on your site you can use logical operations to build and select any event. To get a high-quality lookalike audience use relevant user lists and choose a time period that corresponds to when purchasing decisions were made. An important point choose an area that covers . million people.  bor very quickly and the system will start showing a circle of ads to the same users. How to set up dynamic remarketing contextual targeting and lookalikes.

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In How to set up dynamic remarketing ASB Directory contextual targeting and lookalikes in If it happens that lookalikes are less effective than you think check the main links of the system – Building sources; – Coverage selection; – Metrics by gender and geography; As you can see the modern advertiser in provides a wide range of settings and tools. Try each one and choose the one that fits the situation best. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – platform experts are always here to help and they share your.

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