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Chang the visual part and left the best links. The most important thing here is to develop a strong offer. We did it! test the application collection form to bring in traffic. Click works fine from to ruble. But they translate very poorly into apps. The average cost of a lead is about rubles. Then decide to increase traffic to your website. The number of clicks remains in the same price range but the cost of the application drops to rubles. Already very satisfi but I want to improve the result. So the following decision was made to develop a quiz and try to drive traffic. This is where things get interesting.

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Passing the quiz the number of applications Haiti B2B List receiv per day increas from 1 to 10 copies and the cost of leads dropp steadily to rubles. By combining quizzes with the best ads the cost per lead drops even down to rubles. Then it’s business as usual target audience segmentation holiday seasonal offers updating creatives and audiences. After months of work and testing we came up with the following results Total applications receiv Premium Sales in the month Advertising cost RUB Average CPC RUB Average application cost RUB Average cost of one client RUB They stopp working together in April due to the pandemic. Fortress Quarantin.

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Quiz channels continue to generate leads ASB Directory without ads. day and unfortunately no one can handle them Watching it is both good and painful Conclusion Key audiences  Moms up to 20 years old and about to have a baby  Birthdays up to the month of 20 years HBirthdays in the week until 20 years old Choose your gift. Select the snippet in chapter Target Audience Testing exactly the same as the snippet in Chapter Creative guy I tri a lot of stuff I had to make most of the banners myself. Well how are you  Case target app price  for the legendary show mission in Orenburg picture number and promotional Kaiser boyard on and promotional Kaiser boyard on and promotional.

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