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As you will have understood, it is essential today to be present on social networks, even for banks and insurance companies. It is precisely an issue for them to develop a relevant strategy to improve their image and their notoriety. But for that, you have to activate the right tools to generate interest, reactions and commitment. This is where our Social Media experts come in. Contact them to discuss your project. Source: SprinklrWhile we depicted in a previous article the real estate and connectivity trends for the coming year, here we are more interested in the social media aspect of real estate trends.

Wednesday And The Weekend Are Even

According to a study conducted by Pierre & Vacances Conseil Immobilier (the Digimmo Barometer ), we looked at the use of social whatsapp mobile number list networks by real estate professionals in 2017 through an infographic. In general, social networks are considered good vectors for communication and growth. Due to their many functionalities, they are particularly advised in a use relating to real estate. One out of two French people is already present on Facebook, and overall visual content generates a lot of engagement… However, the sale of a property is above all visual! Do you get the equation.

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In It Is Between Wednesday And Sunday

The most exploited social networks for the moment. According to the survey results, LinkedIn is at the top of the ranking of the most used ASB Directory social networks in the professional real estate sector. Then, we find Facebook, which gains a place compared to 2016. Twitter and Youtube are progressing in the same way, but it is the professional network Viadeo which loses ground with 23% for 2017. What information can be drawn from these results? Well, there is no doubt that professional networks and networking prevail for the moment in the sector, while other functionalities are progressing with Facebook – lever of proximity, local and at the same time also with customers.

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