Microsoft is committed to including artificial intelligence tools

Microsoft seeks to include a tool powered by artificial intelligence within its Bing search engine. ChatGTP is a software that has been talked about in recent weeks thanks to its great response and conversation capacity. 

The objective of including the chatbot within Bing is to allow the search engine to collect more accurate and relevant results. But, its application within the Microsoft engine puts Google on alert.

launch this functionality at the end of March

As pointed out by El Español , last year, Microsoft Whatsapp Mobile Number List announced its goal of including the Artificial Intelligence model for transcribing text to images from DALL-E to Bing. 

Furthermore, in 2019 the company founded by Bill Gates financed OpenAI , responsible for ChatGTP, with more than $1 billion , an association that allows developing technologies for Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Microsoft bets on Artificial Intelligence to nourish the Bing search engine

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The company’s goal is for Bing responses ASB Directory to be optimized thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence. ChatGTP would work as a complement to Bing, but the task of providing the results would still be the search engine’s responsibility.

At the moment Google has no plans to implement the AI model to its search engine. Although it has been developing its own Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence for some years.

called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). An artificial intelligence system whose function was to handle advanced language models. At the moment the company has not opted to include this tool in its search engine . 

So Microsoft’s bet could be a big boost for its Bing search engine and its advertising business.