Marketing trends for 2023 brands will bet on technology and data

Samy Alliance , a global alliance of agencies specialized in marketing and communication. Points out that 65% of brands will invest in Social Intelligence in 2023.

with the aim of detecting consumer concerns and focusing on the personalization of campaigns. Therefore,   the occasion of the publication of the “Top 2023 Marketing Trends” report

Top 2023 Marketing Trends» by Samy Alliance

As Paola Sivila , who is Head of Strategy & OPS at Samy Job Function Email Database Alliance. Therefore,  points out. Brands need to have a radical personality and raise their voices in reference to the issues that concern society, openly expressing their position.

Those brands whose objective is to attract customers throughout 2023 must focus their Therefore,  attention on consolidating their social position and getting consumers hooked on their philosophy and way of seeing and understanding the world , as the professional explained.

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The marketing trends that will mark 2023

Artificial Intelligence: the use of these ASB Directory tools will allow brands to know their consumers and improve the customer experience. 63% of professionals in the sector will apply Artificial Intelligence to their marketing strategies.

Brand Entertainment: the rise of this method to introduce advertising in a less. Therefore,  invasive and more viewer-friendly way is seen as a solution to current challenges.

The video game sector: in 2023 brands. Therefore,  will have a greater presence in this type of content. Either to improve existing content, integrating events and experiences or brand products that they can use in the video game.