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Reduced costs due to no maintenance on company servers or adjustments to the software.  Reduced costs due to shared infrastructure (servers, network, etc.) Which also reduces the risk of data loss or theft. However, this choice will depend on the complexity and constraints of your industry. Customer Service and Support The challenges of implementing a CRM are enormous. Well-configured CRM can  by up to 34% for the teams that adopt it (source Salesforce). But the task is not easy! When you have to transfer the valuable information of 500 customers to your new CRM.  Knowing that one out of two projects will fail, you also have to consider the support and services associated with the software.

Increase sales by up to 29% and productivity

Do they help salespeople use mobile tools? Availability and efficiency switzerland phone number of customer support: What support do they offer if I have a problem? How do I contact them? Is it a regular email or from my account manager? What are the opening hours for customer support? It is also important to define an SLA (Service Level Agreement), where the company and the vendor agree on a maximum response time and the number of support hours included per month. Budget Know that there is a CRM to suit all budgets, but don’t be fooled: a CRM is not limited to its purchase price. Here are the 4 components of CRM cost: Purchase cost: The amount of the annual license or monthly subscription. Some CRMs base their price on the number of contacts in the database, others on the number of software users. Maintenance costs: Replacement of any servers (if not SaaS), technical support, database updates, etc. Infrastructure costs: Operating system, configuration, data backup.

Integration costs: Startup, configuration, and team training

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If implemented correctly, it will help you achieve your strategic goals. Increase  ASB Directory customer satisfaction and the productivity of your sales staff. Finally, do not forget that your CRM is still a tool that must first be accompanied by a change in working methods. If you want to invest in a CRM but do not know where to start, we have designed a decision support tool that you can download for free here. By Damien Bosch | Guest Expert 5 minutes. March 9, 2018 Share : Like all areas of activity, if there is one area that is also undergoing profound changes, it is the construction industry! With nearly 2,700 construction companies in Réunion Island (source Caisse des Congés Paiés du BTP), the industry seems to have a long way to go. Some players are already taking the lead: trade, manufacturers and industrialists have already started to transform to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization.

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