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February Let’s get to work. because Each service was a separate product with a very different audience and market segment. For example a customer does not go to the service of installing an anti-theft system on a mid-level car but to tinting. We decid to do it differently so as not to waste weeks analyzing each service and launch the one that brought the most revenue to the studio. Remember the rules This is where it comes in handy for us. Soundproofing is one of the center’s main services.

At first this was very very difficult

Customers even have a separate landing page Poland Phone Number List for the service. We did a marketing research audience profiling general and psychographic analysis in order to understand who our audience is where to find it why do they ne the service to determine buying motivations. In general finding all the information to build our proposal as correctly as possible. Analyze competitors to understand why audiences should choose our centers over ones closer to home; understand how they attract customers to make our offer more effective. Product analysis in order to better understand the product itself find some things that the audience might.

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So we decid to roll it out first

Be interest in but no one told her. when ASB Directory translating our proposal and how to refine the product bas on two additional analyses. Let’s summarize this section Car Electronics Studio Car Service Promotion Target Ads Car Electronics Studio Promotion The audience we collect is bas on different behavioral patterns that say a person nes noise isolation right now than those audiences who might be interest in it. I’m going to lift the veil of secrecy and show both viewers the cheapest way these are key phrases ad.

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