Implementing a Quiz A quiz is

The product issues it solves and objections. a request Video Player Live Photo Ideas from Clients Such a photo better reflects the company of Nanny One Hour возникла мысль о том что поиграть с we launch the campaign again. We sent traffic to the site turning on the features that brought us results before the pandemic. After a while we came to the conclusion that the cost of the application was growing relentlessly.

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Methods that work well in the past are now Cyprus B2B List producing poor results. At the same time the quality of the app has dropp noticeably.  franchise costs to the website changing the format testing videos on behalf of clients and inviting a one-hour nanny franchise. But none of these methods help the quality of our applications did not improve and the cost of leads rang from 1 to 10 rubles. So we decid to test a more simplifi landing page form quiz.  a website in the form of a test or survey. After answering the questions users leave their contact details in order to receive useful information.

B2B Email List

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In our case the client sent a presentation ASB Directory about their company with benefits and calculations. Examples of quizzes we Franchise Tips If your job is to receive applications choose a conversion goal. Choose a traffic objective to quickly test creatives and text. In the conversion goal for better optimization set a budget of at least  for each ad group. If you have a small budget and can work nationally then don’t narrow your audience by city alone. So optimize faster. Narrow down if we are talking about St.

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