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This makes WooCommerce not only secure but also very user-friendly. IN CONCLUSION In our opinion, WooCommerce is the best choice for making an e-shop because of its compatibility, flexibility and usability. Now you also have 10 very good reasons why you should definitely consider using WooCommerce when creating your first e-shop. the creation of an e-store, please contact us and we can definitely help you! WooCommerce Estonian developers help you find the best solution! TheContents Facebook advertising is very important and beneficial if done correctly. It is a popular way to reach many customers quickly and cost-effectively.

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Facebook also helps with this with a very good tool. In Estonian, its name is “taaserumandus piksel” or retargeting pixel. What is the Facebook Pixel? A database Facebook Pixel is a code inserte into your website. It helps you track your Facebook ad conversions, optimize your ads base on collecte data, create target groups for future ads, and market to people on your website. Contents Facebook Pixel and the benefits of using it options for the Facebook pixel to improve your Facebook advertising strategy. Conversion tracking The Facebook Pixel allows you to track how people behave on your website after viewing an ad.


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You can even track which device a person sees your ad on, for example if a person sees your ad on a mobile phone but later makes a purchase on a ASB Directory computer. This information will later help you improve your advertising strategy and calculate your return on investment. Remarketing With the help of the Facebook Pixel, for example, you can create an ad only for people who have already visite your website.

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