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Over falling asleep. Take short breaksĀ  focus take a short break from your activity. This will give you the opportunity to switch your brain to other tasks thereby increasing your productivity. This will give you a little break from your current work. This is especially important in the case of global and complex tasks. Get close to nature According to the results of the studies even those plants that are grown indoors and in offices can positively influence concentration.

And labor productivity

But it is desirable of course to find time for Coinbase Virtual Currency Phone Number List walks in the park. So you are guarante to feel rest. Get close to nature Get close to nature Concentrate on a glass of water Take a glass fill with water in your hand and hold it in front of you so that the water is still. Focus your gaze on it. Stay in this position for exactly one minute. With the following repetitions gradually increase the time to five minutes. Then repeat the exercise for the other hand. Exercise The benefits.

Of exercise are clear At the same

Time substances are releas in the body that have a ASB Directory beneficial effect on mory and concentration. The brain is saturat with dopamine norepinephrine and serotonin. People who lead a sports lifestyle are not only physically healthier but also have higher cognitive abilities. Regular exercise tones and relaxes the muscular syst. The work of the brain also improves because the body and mind of a person are inextricably link. Listen to music Listening to music has a positive.


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