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Frequency keys are us. Use the shortcut key to start with the word or if there is an indication of Moscow start with the word. Relat topics and phrases close to the topic were not us. Creat an ad on Search. In the last ad group ads per ad group. How to optimize micro-conversion ad if money and conversions are low and results are urgently ne image rates are adjust for age People over the age of 10 are exclud and people from 2 to 10 years old are ruc because the service is aim at young people Рmicro-conversion searches and month.

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Dealing with micro-conversions  in the Ireland B2B List future is the same by identifying and evaluating the most effective keywords bas on macro and micro conversion data. The goal is to minimize cost per conversion and increase conversions. In the analysis divid into Active with conversions satisfi with CPA determin maximum CPA in rubles I tri to increase their CTR I chang the second headline ad text if the CPC is met the traffic rate will increase or higher Invalid According to the data of the month the price of the target exces the maximum times they are clos; Borderline has conversions but the.

B2B Email List

The approach to optimizing campaigns

CPA is too large Max CPA I lower ASB Directory their rate and observ if there will be conversions if so how much CPA; not sure how many clicks no Convert no change I turn it off. Gradually by analyzing the keywords I built them into a hierarchy according to their degree of effectiveness. As a result the most effective keywords were identifi. They bring conversions every day and form the backbone of the keys. For the rest I work further and either add them to the list of keys or exclude them when evaluating them.

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