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Thousand rubles million thousand rubles. and . million rubles. A systematic approach to content building regular traffic and posting social proof helps effectively promote complex products with long decision cycles on social networks. Moreover the manager’s high-quality work enables him to transform from employee to co-owner of the business. Author Yevgeny Chernobey Tags     like this material Share it with your friends on social networks! Sales text formula content for advertisement February   Many target scientists and experts launch advertisements but at the same time they do not consider the text itself because.

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Many people say text only plays % of the role people only look at pictures and only people over years old can read them. Let me tell you about the formula Bulk SMS Cyprus for selling text. How important is the text in an ad The main core of the target audience of any absolute business is the solvent – year olds which means they will read your ad offer. Banners themselves also play a role in social networking. When viewing your fe your ad should stand out from the crowd. or acid tones. All of these are necessary for the user to stop and read – lines of text. During this time we have to arouse the interest of future customers. About text In various courses teach you how to write the text in the advertisement correctly so that your text has the most click-through rate! formula as you Is she really the only one The answer is no.

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Each recipe is suitable for a separate ASB Directory advertising campaign. Although there are several rules it is pointless to give examples of which situation is suitable for which formula because all situations are different If you work with people who do not have time to read many pages of text it is better to adopt a short formula to work. Short formulas are best if you work with people who consume content quickly. If you work by CPC the longer formula is better. So warm up your audience even before landing on the page. If you’re running a marketing campaign.

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