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The transfer of e-commerce data for free as well as install counters on your website all without using website code. to add similar solutions for others. Get another database with multiple relevant and locat cases and articles on the page. Why do you ne to build e-commerce With the advanc e-commerce analytics provid by the plugin advertisers will be able to access data on where the highest paying buyers are coming from and what path they took on your site from first visit to purchase; sales in your industry by season and geography visit data; track revenue and the average cost of ordering items on the marketplace directly through the interface. In the future this data can be us to optimize advertising campaigns for example so.

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That you can Pay for sales instead of clicks.n your website and return them for purchase. Expand your audience with users similar to your loyal customers. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift.integration UAE Phone Number List Before starting the installation make sure that you do not have another similar plugin that installs the counter active. If such plugins are install they must be disabl. First you ne to create a counter if you haven’t already then in the second step of creating the counter you ne to enable the eCommerce slider and set the name of the data container. The official integration for installing eCommerce is already available.  image If you’ve creat your counter but not enabl eCommerce or you’re not sure if it’s enabl then in order to enable or check if it’s enabl.

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Commerce you ne to Go to the counter’s ASB Directory settings and in the counters tab that opens scroll down to the eCommerce item and move the slider to the on position. The official integration for installing eCommerce is already available.  the further configuration and connection of the image plugin varies depending on the us one. So for further setup I recommend using the instructions How to setup eCommerce on your website. How to set up eCommerce on your website. If you have any problems installing plugins please write to these people. support.

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