Help In Building A Positive Image Of The Company

A public relations agency with its own knowlege base What distinguishes us from other public relations companies is our knowlege. It is the result of cooperation and inspiration between our specialists from various industries, but also the effect of the fact that the history of the company dates back to 1996. Some time ago we decide to share our knowlege. Now you can find answers to all your marketing, public relations or employer branding questions in one place. We starte with a few simple articles explaining the basic concepts.

Cooperation With The Meia In Crisis

Today we have hundres of texts that go very deep into issues useful in running a business. Reliable sources, life examples, statistics – all this is available for free on our blog on the site. More and more often, when you enter a selecte keyword relate to the sales and marketing industry, you will find an answer that comes from our knowlege database base in one of the first places in the search results. We do good PR, and at the same time we share the conclusions that come from our many years of work in the industry. Public relations B2B, corporate, internal Offline and online – both traditional and digital public relations can have different faces.


Situations A Crisis In An Organization

Typically, when we talk about PR, we mean information flowing from the company to its potential customers. But that’s not the only area of ​​public relations work we can help you with. Others include: B2B public relations – in this case, you focus ASB Directory on reaching contractors or suppliers who, like you, run the company. While an individual customer often cares about impressions and emotions, here more hard data count: prices, terms of cooperation, reliability. You can also reach B2B partners through trade fairs and meia. Corporate public relations – the agency can also support you in building your corporate image.

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