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In Odno Krasniki.  of a real estate agency group produc the group had subscribers. By the way click on the link for a free selection of select master courses including how to prepare a website advertisement. The budget for the first test campaign on Ready to Run Ads is  rubles excluding VAT. Mission Attract group subscribers interest in real estate issues homeowners buyers mothers with maternity funds and people deciding to get a mortgage. There are two parts to the test campaign. There are geo-adjust ads targeting the cities of Leninsk-Kuznetsky and Polisavo with total populations of  and   respectively.

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Each ad has ads and each ad pack has the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List same text but different images of the most famous places in these cities. As a Small Budget Real Estate Niche Platform Image # Real Estate Agency Promotion | Target Advertising a Small Budget Real Estate Niche Platform Image # Since the audience is so small it was decid to send traffic to the cold audience in these cities with a minimal base setup. Gender – any Age to  Geography chosen city but a point set by geolocation not city name daily budget per ad rubles duration of days even distribution of impressions display settings – show to people.

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Estate Agency Promotion Target Advertising

Outside the group impression limit – up ASB Directory to impressions per person per day. In the online course. Traffic Manager we systematically describe how to set up advertise and work in the traffic market under new conditions. It is important to enroll in courses. That No interest setting is set as this usually kills all. Kinds of influence and ideas die as quickly as possible. Real Estate Agency Promotions | Target Advertising. Example As a Small Budget Real Estate. Niche Platform Image # These settings narrow the audience significantly with a target audience of  for – and  for . To be honest prior.

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