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Ideas & Example  a free or discount offer you offer to users in exchange for their contact information. For example in a social network such contacts are your account and the authority to send messages to yourself on behalf of the community. With the help of a series of messages on    the mailing list we engage warm up and sell in the sales funnel. Grab magnet ideas Checklist The concept is blurr now but in general it is a set of boxes where a subscriber can tick and check that he is doing everything right.

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Example Advertisement algorithm/step-by VP Engineering Email Lists step instructions are almost the same as a checklist but formally it represents a sequence of actions leading to a result. Example Step-by-step setup of an ad . Source listings differ from summaries in that instead of specific articles/videos on the topic you recommend authors.  you definitely don’t want to miss . Tool Checklist Anything that works for your target audience. Example Must-Have Apps for Object Scientists.

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Templates Anything that can serve the same ASB Directory purpose as yours by changing small details. Example Templates Sales Script . Summary Official Format. You don’t have to invent anything just take what your competitors are doing and be on top. Example Top Subscription Free Guide from Bloggers . Workbook Print Materials. It’s like an English textbook with exercises but with unlimit topics. Example Fitness Workbook from an example of a product we launch in  By the way on this page we have a master class of the type lead magnet. Example of.

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