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Tries new things develops his creativity and then becomes a star for millions of viewers. In the Promoting Expert online course we  account create videos use referral sources set up ads correctly and make money. Sign up for a course on how to create a promotional video. INSTALLATION RULES In order to ensure that the resulting video does not stand out from the total content the following rules are appli use a free application for iting; place the text on the top frame because the social network interface closes it from below.

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Ad from the right; in the video it is better to China WhatsApp Number List avoid the review may not skip the ad because of this; It is better to overlay Russian music on the video than the most famous performers. Otherwise you will have the right to ask for permission to use known ingrients;of stickers or effects that will just distract the viewer. Here are simple rules for shooting ads that mimic user-generat content. Film on mobile phones using non-professional actors and writing simple and understandable scripts for specific pain points. In conclusion I briefly describe which landing pages are the best for driving traffic.


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Since the most apathetic audience comes from ASB Directory social networks surfs the web via mobile devices and doesn’t want to read much the landing page or quiz should have a high download spe and contain short emotive text.The goal action requir by the landing page is to visit a social network or instant messenger to enter an automat funnel. For design it’s best to use a dark theme and a minimal design. Good luck with your new social mia! You will find that you will be drawn into the production of advertising ideas. Of course there’s no guarantee they’ll always work as efficiently as they.

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