French food company Bonduelle denies sending supplies to Russian army

The Bonduelle brand became the protagonist of a strong controversy, when images were published on the Russian social network VKintankte where you can see packages full of products from the French food brand destined for the Russian army. 

These products were accompanied by wishes for a “quick victory.” But the Group quickly shared a press release where they flatly deny these facts and claim that the information is false. 

These blurry images reported the alleged delivery of 10,000 packages of supplies to the Russian army, and have generated calls to boycott the company. Bonduelle is one of the few French companies that maintained its activity in the country after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war , in order to supply basic food for the Russian population.

The information and statements attributed to the Bonduelle company

The company said in the statement B2B Email List released through its official social networks. Furthermore, the company takes the opportunity to clarify that the Bonduelle group only maintains. 

Its activities in Russia with the aim of “guaranteeing access to essential foods in Russia and neighboring countries.” In a second statement, the food manufacturing company once again highlighted that it did not send, nor assign any other company, to send boxes with Bonduelle products or greeting cards to the Russian army.

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Bonduelle faces reputational scandal

As the German media Horizont ASB Directory points out , the food company fights against images that would seriously affect the reputation of any brand. 

The photographs that were shared on December 30 on the Russian social network VKontakt showed the supposed delivery of more than 10,000 boxes of supplies.

Accompanied by messages of encouragement to the Russian forces: “Dear soldier! Happy new year! We wish you the best and a quick victory! The next day the company published its first statement denying the information.