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For a course and check the accuracy of ad settings. The advertising campaign as a whole is creat correctly if – the main age of the target audience is select; — preferential geo is set; – a format with a wide scope is us for example multiformat; — the relevant rate is set; — Campaign spending “Fast” is select. In turn typical mistakes in advertising are launching duplicate campaigns using contextual targeting in conjunction with another complex tool any age of the target audience and too tight settings. Everything in this life can be fix including the unsuccessful launch of contextual targeting. So if the campaign performance is too low don’t panic just.

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Optimize the launch.  often save the situation Chairman Email Lists look at the most expensive phrases from the list and delete them; – if there were no public keys-outsiders but the list is too expensive perhaps you have extend the period too much and it nes to be narrow. If everything is in order here look for the problem in the inaccurate indication of gender age and geo; – through the A / B tests function you can “cut off” half of the campaign and make the second part experimental. Test the bet without fear of knocking down the training of the algorithm. It happens that the stopper of the entire campaign lies precisely in the price; – try different.

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Banners and formats – something will ASB Directory definitely work.  pull out a very accurate audience and increase the effectiveness of the entire campaign. Use the tool especially since you now have ready-made templates in which it is enough to change just one word to ensure that the launch is guarante to work. – . Finally we move on to technology – . from the . Surely almost everyone knows that this tool allows you to collect an audience.

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