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To reactivate a customer base and when it’s best to start a trigger email. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes.1. Fitness center mass emails during a pandemic can drain the customer base so they should be us in extreme cases. But the pandemic and subsequent lobby closures became an extreme case for offline business.  event The fitness club is includ in the list of key Russian enterprises. In the message to customers the merchant shar the joy with customers and at the same time notifi.

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The preparations for the opening of the Jamaica B2B List center after the epidemic.  they offer access to their personal accounts and they also offer discounts on services. As a result among those who receiv the email only one person wrote the word stop and stopp communicating. The client reads the message. Judging by one email the total amount of services sold by the fitness center is in rubles. Although the cost of one piece of mail is in rubles the cost of the entire post is about rubles. Agre good income. Case Beauty Studio For a beauty studio that was also clos during the lockdown they launch a mailing list where customers can engage in.

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Of course to attract existing customers

Communication through a loyalty test.  HOW TO CONNECT TEMPLATES EMAILS CASE Through the first message users are plac in a conversation after which they are ask to conduct a survey and evaluate the quality of the studio’s services. To do this the customer’s name the last service purchas the captain’s name and the date of the last call ne to be identifi. Afterwards an offer for the service is issu to the user. messages have been sent. Among them ASB Directory deliver. of respondents respond to the survey. Case the opening of a fitness club after the epidemic The fitness club.

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