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Best option we show that it is impossible to immiately name the price What is your situation request we seize the initiative. about me picture + presentation in video or audio.  request for a price Because it seems to us that a professional can always name the price right away. And because my mother taught me to tell the truth. But what customers really want is not the price. They ne you to solve their problem. Clients ne to choose the best performer who will solve their problem on the merits.

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Ad a professional is someone who will delve into Canadian CEO Email Lists their problem and offer a solution. And not the one who knowing nothing about the client will throw a price at him and get a refusal. + cases and a selection of master classes from Dmitry Rumyantsev. Choose your gift. Select How to safely raise prices for services If you want to raise your prices for services here are a few tricks on how to do it and not lose customers Target the right segment The price is greatly influenc by who you sell to. If you are trying to sell services to individuals for thousand rubles they get scar.

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It’s expensive for them. And for the B B ASB Directory sphere thousand rubles. is the regular price Sell the new price to yourself first can stall if you haven’t sold the new price to yourself. You will sabotage them. It will seem to you that they are not buying from you but in fact you are not selling. To prevent this from happening sit down and write down how much time you spend on work what services you provide read reviews. Show yourself first that your services are worth the money Test the new price on clients that are difficult for you Don’t want to take on a client Tell him the price tag is % more. If he refuses save your nerves. If he agrees run in the new.

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