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Settings such as gender age and geographic location do not give a complete picture of customers without social connotation and behavioral analysis. platform which facilitates through social networking and searching for customers. It turn out that the audience was too wide and target scientists had to shoot sparrows with cannons. Of course for more precise settings many experts use parsers but even their tools are limit. By the way this page provides free access to a database of over cases and articles about and targeting.

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How to use the data management platform Partners Email Lists to find the target audience For those looking for high-precision results there is a third advanc option – which is a dicat data management platform. In order to let the audience have a deeper understanding there are also special services. For example platforms develop by Russian specialists but register in the Unit States. The platform uses the service to collect large amounts of data from open source social networks    . He then creates a full digital portrait of a person while complying with all global and local laws regarding personal data. What is provid for experts who use it.

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The ability to cooperate with popular social ASB Directory networks; —  to standard settings for ad accounts and resolvers; — direct automatic integration and secure data transfer with ad accounts. Initially the company plans to cooperate with foreign markets so the quality of personal data protection the anonymity of digital information and the reliability of the project payment system are at the world level. How to use the service What to do if you ne to collect a super target audience . You visit the company’s website to send a service request Afterwards fill out the sent brief describing your target audience in as much detail as possible all behavioral.

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