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To stay up to date, you must therefore constantly renew your knowledge and keep informed of the requirements of search engines. The job of SEO requires constantly meeting new challenges ! Whether you plan to recruit an SEO expert or want to use his services, it seems important to me that you know several things about him in order to make the best possible choice! What key skills should he have to cope with changes in the profession.

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What are the ideal qualities in this job? To help you make your choice, we have prepared a checklist of the essential skills that every Latest Mailing Database SEO should possess in 2015. 1. An SEO expert must know how to assess the importance of Content Marketing in SEO Far from being a scoop, everyone now knows that content is at the heart of any digital strategy. “Content is king” . Your future SEO expert must therefore know how to measure the importance and the stakes of an editorial strategy on SEO . Content Marketing must be part of your SEO baggage since it can help you improve your natural referencing strategy.

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Exit the isolated SEO who works alone in his corner to create backlinks galore! No, the 2017 version SEO expert must be a real partner who ASB Directory works in synergy with the editors. The aim is to optimize the distribution of content on the blog or on social networks as well as possible . Knowledge of the operation and updates of Google’s algorithms (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc., in short, the whole Noah’s Ark!) is therefore essential! The SEO must be able to keep the editorial team informed about important content changes, so that their colleagues adapt quickly to Google’s requirements.

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