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Must already have an audience in your channel. You can find similar number of them channels in and provide win-win mutual promotion. You write them and they write you. Of all the ways to promote your Telegram channel for free this is the fastest if you put in the effort. Most importantly these channels should in principle be in your theme. be not only in the form of posts but also in the form of joint live broadcasts. It doesn’t change the essence. As an option you can exchange unequal ones. For example if the channel has.

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A larger reach than yours you’d make Estonia B2B List make one. By the way this link is my free masterclass on how to write headlines and sales posts. I share for free. laborious. Create a blog on or otherwise. You write cool original articles dig into real problems with your audience and over time you start getting free traffic from search. Different forms of captures where you can subscribe to your Telegram channel when the traffic reaches a certain amount. A well-known name in a niche field wins over an audience and shakes up his personal brand in this way. Its website has been in operation for more than 10000 users.

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Part of the audience subscribes to his ASB Directory Telegram channel for example. It’s free except for the labor of writing the content but it takes a long time to get enough traffic. publications on portals such as If you want free organic growth from other sources post articles that your local audience might be interest in and add a link to your channel. Either in the article or in the description. Unless of course the resource rules don’t prohibit it. The benefit of this approach is that the portal already does this work for you.

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